Are Implant Retained Dentures Right for You?

Missing teeth can affect everything from eating and speaking to your self-confidence. Many people rely on dentures to help maintain function and appearance. Unfortunately, traditional dentures can slip and cause gum irritation.

Implant retained dentures may be the right solution. Here’s what you need to know about implant retained dentures.

Benefits of implant retained dentures

The main benefit of implant retained dentures is that they can replace multiple teeth at one time. They don’t slip like traditional dentures, which means you never have to worry about embarrassing moments in public.

If you’re missing multiple teeth or all of your teeth, this procedure is an excellent way to restore your oral function and maintain your overall dental health. You’ll enjoy a more attractive smile and feel less self-consciousness. Plus, patients often report having an easier time speaking and singing once they have replaced their missing teeth.

How are implant retained dentures placed?

Implant retained dentures rely on posts placed within your jaw. That means that you need to have appropriate bone density to support the implants. If your bone structure isn’t sufficient to support implant retained dentures, you may need to explore other implant options.

Before your dentures are placed, Dr. Mike will measure your jaws and create a model of your mouth. After this is complete, your dentures can be made.

In the meantime, Dr. Mike and the Cleveland Implant Institute team will surgically implant anchoring posts into your jaw. These will hold the dentures and prevent slippage.

Once the implant procedure has been completed and your mouth has healed, your dentures can be placed. You should be able to chew, speak, sing and otherwise enjoy normal function.

How do I know implant retained dentures are right for me?

If you’re interested in finding out whether implant retained dentures—or other tooth replacement options—are right for you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike. Dental implants and implant retained dentures may not be right for every patient.  This is dependent on your specific oral and overall health needs. However, there are plenty of dental implant options available, which can help restore functionality and improve appearance.

In some cases, if the bone density in your upper or lower jaw cannot support dental implants, you may need a bone graft. Bone grafting adds density to your jaw bone, but does extend the implant process by a few weeks. Nevertheless you will enable you to enjoy a beautiful smile once you’re healed and the dentures are placed.

Find out more about implant retained dentures with the Cleveland Implant Institute

The Cleveland Implant Institute is dedicated to helping patients restore their smile. Whether you’re missing one, multiple or all of your teeth, we can help you find permanent solutions to enhance your dental health and function. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mike to discuss your dental implant options.

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