What other dentists are saying about Dr. Mike!

Seth Greenfield, DDS

Once again Mike made this a wonderful learning experience.  So far my cases have not gone as planned due to the bone type.  This leads me to learn even more as we have to re-evaluate on the fly.  With Mike over my shoulder and giving me feedback I am gaining more experience with the different types of bone and how they feel as I am placing the implant.  Thanks Mike

Joe Leon, DDS

I’m happy to be doing this FINALLY after so many years of “working on it”.   The cases went well, and highly recommend taking advantage of Mike’s invite to do the surgeries at his office.

John R. Striebel, DDS, FICOI, AFAAID

I have complete confidence in referring my most complex implant cases to Dr. Michael Fioritto. His in depth understanding of both the surgical and restorative needs of the patient is what makes him so unique. I have had the opportunity to observe Mike restore an entire upper arch from extraction and immediate implant placement to temporization utilizing IV sedation.

His ability to place the patient at ease and perform these procedures with such precision is something to admire. From treatment planning to implant placement, his results are predictable and that makes it easy for the referring dentist. Mike’s skill and knowledge of implant dentistry is one of the highest among our colleagues doing these surgeries.

Jed Koops, DMD

Thanks again for the excellent first course in the implant series last night! I enjoyed your presentation and look forward to continuing my implant journey with your help.

Thanks again for the awesome implant course last weekend. I really appreciate you taking the extra time to help my patient get all four of those implants! He is extremely thankful and pleased with how little pain he has had during the recovery. Great job with everything!  The course was fun to take and I enjoyed getting to know the other dentists who came.

Daniel Glick, DMD

I cannot thank you enough for last night. I really enjoyed the presentation, picked up so many little (and big) things, and will be a huge advocate for Dr Fioritto. I look forward to working with you and participating in all the future courses.

K. Meehan, DDS, MS

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your lecture.  Your lecture was organized and very comprehensive!  I was really impressed with the live video feed of the procedures – it gave everyone an opportunity to view and learn.  The hands on with the bone grafting/membrane/suturing techniques was a great learning experience!  The pig jaws reminded me of my perio residency days…it’s a great tool!

D. Muchintal, DDS

It was an amazing course, and you did a wonderful job.  Want to thank you again for your effort to teach us some great things.  Looking forward to see you again.

Pierre Tedders, DDS, DABOI, FAAID

I recently had the opportunity to work and lecture with Dr. Fioritto.  It was very clear from the beginning that his lecture content and execution held the same qualities as the leading main podium speakers.  He pays attention to detail, is complete, and teaches a practical and predictable approach to surgical and restorative dental implantology.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again, and at a minimum, take a front seat in his next lecture.

Thomas G. Walker, DMD, FICD, AAF-AAID

Dr. Fioritto’s lecture was very informative with an abundance of implant “pearls” of knowledge.  His passion showed in his lecture content.  He went out of his way to make sure our questions were answered.  Dr. Fioritto was friendly, approachable and impressive in his knowledge of dental implantology.  It was a 5 star CE and I will look for his name in future CE classes.  I hope to hear him again soon.


The 2016 Gulf Coast Dental Conference was outstanding.  The highlight was a lecture from one of the young guns – Dr. Michael Fioritto – an up and coming doctor who is relatively new to the lecture circuit.  He is articulate, extremely knowledgeable, and holds your attention.  I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

Polly Michaels, DMD, FICOI, AFAAID

In a few short years you will have trouble getting into his lectures.  Mike Fioritto is one of the youngest Diplomates in the ABOI and with good reason.  He has more experience than his age portrays and he logically explains difficult situations so they are easy to understand.  He is a true teacher.  His humble and thoughtful speaking makes it simple to change your patient treatment for the better. 

One of the most beneficial parts of his lecture was that, along with surgeries, he addressed the difficulties in prosthetics and provisionalizations, which many lecturers blow through or skip over.  So no matter what aspect of implant dentistry you perform, you will leave with helpful information and protocols to make you life easier.

William Ingram DMD, MAGD, AGDLLSR, FACD, FPFA; 2016 Past-President, Alabama Dental Association; ADA Council on Membership

Dr Fioritto recently gave a program at the 2016 Gulf Coast Dental Conference put on by the Alabama Dental Association while I was president of the ALDA.  While I had many business meetings to attend as president of the ALDA, I carved time out of my business schedule so I could attend Dr. Fioritto’s presentation.  Dr. Fioritto is the consummate clinician and presenter.  He gave a program that was appreciated by both novice and seasoned dental implant practitioners.  With his work at Cleveland Implant Institute, I envision Dr. Fioritto fast becoming a rising star in dental implant continuing education.  He has outstanding style and is eager to make sure that his students have a great understanding of his subject matter.