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At Cleveland Implant Institute, Dr. Mike strives to uphold the highest standards of care so that your treatment is done well the first time.

Dr. Mike is a board-certified dental implant specialist for both the surgical and restorative portions. This unique knowledge from start to finish allows him to predictably complete your treatment with less discomfort and better outcomes. You won’t need to go to different offices to complete your treatment, saving you time and money.

Whether you’ve just started to learn about the implant process and want to learn more or you’re frustrated with the run-around having to see different doctors, Dr. Mike offers FREE exams and x-rays for second opinions.

Second Opinions

At Cleveland Implant Institute we are often sought out by patients to provide a second opinion on their proposed implant treatment. Implant dentistry can be more complex requiring a significant time commitment with higher costs. We welcome the opportunity to help you make this important decision about your dental health.

When making your decision about treatment make sure you compare “apples with apples”. Do some research on your prospective implant dentist. You can perform a Google search using their name.
Did you see an implant specialist or general dentist?
Are they “board-certified”?
How long has the dentist been placing dental implants?
Where did the doctor get their training in dental implants?
There are many different educational paths to learn dental implantology from a formal program to a weekend course. Don’t just rely on a friend’s recommendation for a “good” implant dentist. It is also not wise to base your decision on cost alone – beware of offices that significantly reduce fees just to gain your acceptance or have fees that are much lower. Lower cost options or bargain prices may not be as good or as long lasting (ie. cheap or mini-implants). If you feel pressured or rushed to accept treatment, then that may not be the right office for you.


Although dental implant treatment is usually very successful, complications can occur. Our office receives referrals from dentists to treat implant complication cases. As specialists we have a vast amount of experience managing failing implants and fixing problems with implant replacement teeth. Implant failures can result in severe bone defects that are more complex to repair. We can evaluate your problem and determine the best way to manage your case.

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