Understanding Tooth Loss

When a tooth is lost, the effects are not solely limited to the immediate area where the tooth loss occurred. There can also be progressive, adverse effects that can happen to the surrounding and opposing teeth that should be considered and reviewed with your Doctor.

When a tooth is lost, whether to injury or decay, if the empty space left behind is not occupied, the structure of the mouth can be altered as a result.

To start, the immediate area where the tooth is lost suffers adverse changes in the bone and gum support, typically in the form of tissue loss.

These changes can spread to the neighboring teeth, resulting in the loss of bone support and the teeth drifting into the empty space.  Additionally, the teeth opposing the empty space can begin to descend or ascend into the space in a process called over eruption. This then jeopardizes additional surrounding bone structure and teeth.

The progression of alterations can lead to issues with the patient’s bite as the teeth gradually become misaligned. Each step in this progression can escalate the severity of holistic damage to your mouth as well as the measures needed to remedy it. Your dentist is the best resource to access your current dental health and recommend the best treatment for your unique situation.

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